June 17, 2018

Good afternoon everyone! It's Roxy from Buy Wellness...

I wanted to write a blog on Essential Oils and How to Diffuse Within the Home. My reasoning for composing this particular blog; is to inform others. Many individuals are not sure where to begin when it comes to diffusing essential oils. Simply...that's what I'm here for!

What's a Diffuser? Where Can I Purchase One?

Now first and foremost a diffuser is a small humidifier for essential oils. Diffusers are relatively easy to find because they're sold at a variety of different locations ranging from Amazon to your local pharmaceuticals store. They're relatively inexpensive and serve as a great attribute within the home. I myself have a diffuser; purchased previously from Amazon. It operates for an approximate 3 to 4 hour time span.

How Do I Operate My Diffuser?

First, I fill my diffuser with a little bit of water. Second, I add 2 to 3 drops of the essential oil of my choosing. Then I touch the ON button and the diffuser begins disbursing. The aroma and humidity of the essential oil travels throughout my home. The diffusion allows me to reap the essential oil's rewarding health and wellness properties.

What's a Great Starter Essential Oil to Diffuse Within the Home?

One of my favorite essential oils is French Lavender due to its natural stress relief and relaxation attributes. On those stressful days where I need to unwind; I turn on my diffuser, allowing the aroma to disburse. Thereby providing a calming sensation throughout the atmosphere.

When I have trouble sleeping; I'll diffuse French Lavender inside my bedroom. The essential oil serves as a sleeping agent; allowing me to fall into a peaceful sleep, without the notion of distress.

This is just my personal favorite. However, I'm sure you'll find your personal favorite; since there is an array of essential oils to choose from. I highly suggest you explore the different kinds of essential oils offered. See what benefits you!

Any questions or comments please post below.

- Roxy (Roxanne Serrano)

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