June 14, 2018

Good afternoon everyone. It's Roxy from Buy Wellness... I wanted to primarily create a blog on essential oils, because of its growing trend within the health and wellness community. Alot of people are still unaware; of what essential oils are and their contributing health attributes. I know sometimes, we as civilians are a little reluctant to ask questions; if we're not familiar with something or if we simply do not know the answer. I want you to know... that all questions are welcomed, pertaining to our blogs here at Buy Wellness.

No question is a dumb question. We're primarily here to help you. So lets gets started! 


Are People Familiar with Essential Oils?

So first and foremost, I did a little of my own research. I asked random people (neighbors, grocery shoppers, individuals waiting at bus stops, etc.) if they were familiar with essential oils. Surprisingly a majority of them were not. However some individuals were familiar but their answers were as follows...."Yes, I'm familiar with essential oils. It's a plant based oil and different plants have different properties such as energy." Now this is true which we'll talk about a little later. Other answers derived were as follows, "No, I am unaware of essential oils mostly, but my girlfriend is into it. She keeps a vial of oil in her purse and rubs it in the palm of her hands to help her with her sinuses." Now this we'll also touch base on in future blogs. Then a few other responses derived, consisted of the frequent, "No!"

I felt that it was my duty to help inform others about essential oils; such as where they're derived from and how they're utilized for their health and wellness properties. I also wanted to touch base on how essential oils are beneficial to you as an individual....Here we go!

What is an Essential Oil?

An Essential Oil is a concentrated liquid derived from a plant. Its the essential fragrance extracted from the plant, derived into a concentrated oil, also known as a very pure property of that specific plant. For example lemon oil is a pure, steamed, distilled essential oil from a lemon.

What is an Essential Oil...Such as Lemon Used For?

You can pour a drop of Lemon Essential Oil into the palm of your hand and then rub your hands together. Then cup your hands and breathe in. The aroma helps provide a feeling of upbeatness; stimulating the senses. The Lemon Essential Oil has uplifting attributes; making an individual like yourself, more upbeat and happy.

Another way to use Lemon Essential Oil is to place 3 drops into a diffuser with water. A diffuser is a essential oil-small humidifier. It allows for the aroma of the oil to be diffused amongst your home. This helps as a cleaning agent within the home. It helps rid of unwanted smells. Also diffusing within the home, with Lemon Essential Oil does provide an uplifting emotion.

I'll definitely provide a more detailed blog on diffusing within the home. Stay tuned for that. This blog was a small introductory on essential oils. Future Blogs will feature new oils, their properties and health attributes.

Any questions or comments, please post below.

- Roxy (Roxanne Serrano)

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