Who we are

We are a family held business offering high quality organic health foods and safe, clean all natural wellness products delivered to you at low prices. All our products are made and warehoused in Chicago, IL USA. 

Organic spices, Healthy Sweeteners, Therapeutic Essential Oils, Natural Skin & Hair Care. Shop with us to find effective health filled foods, pure all natural,cruelty-free beauty, non-toxic health and wellness products.


Our Philosophy: Our strength comes from our roots, and when we work with community, we have the power to generate change. It is empowering for ourselves, we understood to realize our individual potential towards positive social change.

We commit to giving 25% of our profits, or $2 / sale whichever is MORE from each item you buy to the following causes:


Education for children, rehabilitation for women and fair wages for workers is impeccably implemented by our partners in Americas,Asia and Africa. Working with inner city, women, children and animal protection programs is at the heart of our business.

Do you know or have a campaign you want us to be involved in?

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