June 28, 2018

Trust me! We've all been there.

Suddenly your morning alarm goes off! Then you're debating whether or not to hit the snooze button, just so you can catch a few more zzz's.  Then the other part of your mind; is telling you to wake up, get ready and hit the gym. I personally utilize Peppermint Essential Oil; to battle my morning fatigue. I'll explain...


Here's How I Learned About Peppermint Essential Oil...

My best friend advised me on how she utilizes Peppermint Essential Oil to battle her morning fatigue. At first I'll be honest with you, I was a little reluctant. At the same time, I figured it doesn't hurt to try something new. I actually did just that. My friend advised me to apply a small amount of Peppermint Essential Oil on the back of my neck and shoulders. I placed two drops of Peppermint Essential Oil into the palm of my hands; then I began to rub my hands together. Immediately, I could smell the peppermint aroma; which did actually provide a sense of alertness for myself. I began to rub the oil gently behind the back of my neck, as well as apply the solution to the top of my shoulder blades. Immediately my energy levels began to rise. I was actually rather astonished by the swift results, to tell you the truth.


Replace Those Natural Caffeine Supplements With Essential Peppermint Oil!

The best part about Peppermint Essential Oil; is its all natural properties. I no longer had to go to GNC and purchase caffeine pills to assist with my morning work out. Instead I threw my current bottle away. It was superb. My friend also advised me, that I could cusp my hands together and breathe in the aroma from the oils secreted into the palms of my hands. I did just that. This helped boost my mood and alertness; reducing my current feeling of fatigue.


Any Other Tricks When Utilizing Essential Peppermint Oil?

I asked my friend if there were any other tricks she utilized with Peppermint Essential Oil. She advised me to dampen a wash cloth; applying 1 drop of peppermint oil and the rest water. She told me to rub the dampened wash cloth over my face and arms after my daily run. Later on that day...after my evening run, I did just that. The peppermint essential oil literally cooled me down and I felt overly refreshed. I highly recommend you try it for yourself first hand.

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- Roxy (Roxanne Serrano)

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