July 22, 2018

October 7th, 2018 is around the corner and I'm sure you're training daily for that 26 mile run. Runner's aches and pains are common when training for a marathon. It's important that we train properly and condition our muscles accordingly.


Best Ways to Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain...

  • Stretch: Always stretch prior to training; ensuring the ligaments are properly adjusting.
  • Don't Over Train: Over training can stress the muscles, possibly causing injury.
  • Rest: Relax your muscles and ligaments after a work out.
  • Soothe: Massage the area where joint pain or muscle soreness persists.

    Different Ways to Soothe Your Muscles...

    It varies from common Epsom Salt Baths to general massage or even topical oils. It's truly a personal preference of your liking. Each variance of soothing (the muscles and ligaments) can deliver effective results.

    Epsom Salt Baths allow your body to soak releasing tension from your muscles and ligaments. While general massage breaks down the tension of the muscle, providing relief as well. Lastly, topical oils absorb nutrients into the skins tissues alleviating muscle and joint pain.


    A Great Ache Relief Oil is...

    Pain Be Gone Massage Oil  known for its warming and soothing aspects providing relief from muscle, joint and other similar pains. Pain Be Gone Massage Oil is a combination of natural botanical extracts and organic essential oils; containing natural vitamins, antioxidants and other skin soothing nutrients.

    Pain Be Gone Massage Oil is superb for stiff joint and workout disorders as well as muscular pain and rheumatoid problems. When massaged over the affected area it reduces swelling, providing an overall warming and soothing sensation. A very popular natural topical oil for runner's aches and pains.


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    Good luck to all the runner's preparing for the Chicago Marathon!


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