Aromatherapy, an art, a science and the use of essential oils -down the ages..

August 07, 2015

Using plant essence in different forms for healing and refreshment is not a new thing. Since last thousands of years plants essences are in use in form of oils, medicines and incenses. Old cultures like India, China, Egypt and Romans are using essential oils since last several centuries.

In deep past, many thousands years back BC in India plant extracts were used for different purposes. Rose, Sandal, Bay leaves and other aromatic plants were used as incenses. Process of generating smoke was considered as a holy task which creates peace of mind. On divine occasions like Yagnas sandal smoke was considered as a must. Even in bed room at night special flower perfumes, called “Attar” or “Sugandhis” were sprinkled which causes deep and calm sleep. In Ramayana the ancient Indian scripture, applications of sandal, rose and saffron were mentioned for different uses. Even an unknown plant extract was used to give a new birth to the Laxman, wounded badly in the war with Indrajit.

In Egypt also, proofs of use of essential oils and aromatic products 2000 years BC are there. They used to offer incenses to the god and believed the smoke will go up to the sky and will carry their prayer directly to the god. Egyptians also used plant extracts to preserve the death body as mummy.

In roman culture essential oils and aromatic products were used to cure the wounded gladiators. Claudius Galen was a great Greek physician during 129-199 AD. He used plant oils for gladiators and it was said that not a single soldier died due to wound under his care. Due to his experience and remarkable skills in using plant herbs, he promoted as the personal physician of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. In the large roman royal laboratory he invented many other applications of aromatherapy.

The term aromatherapy was first coined by a French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé in early part of 20th century. He was having interest in medicinal use of essential oils and other herbal extracts.

Once while working in his laboratory he caused burning his hand. By immediate reflex he dipped his arm in a vessel full of lavender essential oil. He marked that the recovery is with immense speed and even there were no scar at all.

He further evaluated many options and coined the concept of aromatherapy - an art, a science and a Gift from Mother Nature...

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