June 30, 2018

Are You Going Camping This Summer? Australian Tea Tree Oil is a Must Have In Your Camping Bag!

Whether you're camping in the North Woods or the Bush...you'll be greeted by mother nature's ailments. It's always good to be prepared...for the notion of any possible reaction when brushing up against plant matter when on a hike or even a local insect bite.


A Great Natural Antiseptic...

Australian Tea Tree Oil is the perfect essential oil due to its natural antiseptic properties aiding in the fight against any skin ailments. Tea Tree Oil and a fraction of coconut oil; this mixture helps minor cuts and abrasions from becoming infected; when applied to the wound. This application reduces inflammation with it's strong medicinal properties.


Serves as an Anti-perspirant...

Another benefit of Australian Tea Tree Oil is that it acts as an anti-perspirant. When the Australian Tea Tree Oil is applied (remember with a fraction of coconut oil) onto the skin it can be utilized as an effective deodorant. The Australian Tea Tree Oil compounds fight against bacteria; the very same bacteria that is responsible for creating body odors. Therefore this essential oil is a safe product to be utilized in this very same manner.


Even a Suitable Hand Sanitizer...

Lastly, Australian Tea Tree Oil is a natural hand sanitizer. Perfect for killing germs on the hands prior to eating out at camp. Just throw it in your camping bag and your good to go whether your out at camp or on the road.

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- Roxy (Roxanne Serrano)

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