Vegan Dark Chocolate Espresso Wafers

A small nibble into any one of the wafers initiates your experience into Arriba cocoa goodness alongside rich coffee arabica.
Cocoa Cravings chocolate wafers, made from the fabled "Criollo Arriba beans" using a recipe based on a simple combination of cacao beans, cane sugar and pure vanilla. Grown solely in Ecuador, "Arriba" is a special cocoa varietal with a perfumed floral scent. Its flavor is smooth, with a dominant floral note and nutty after–tones.

In order to present you with the purest flavor of Arriba chocolate, there is no other "covering" aroma or extra flavors added to these wafers, This allows you to experience the uniquely rich Arriba aromas in these tasting wafers, from 55% to 71% cocoa. The uniqueness, depth and flavor also result from the use of non–deodorized cacao butter in our production.

A small nibble into any one of the wafers, initiates your experience with a hint of sweet caramel, followed with the caress of rich cacao and ends with a light vanilla bouquet.. just the flavors that rich dark cocoa beans, carefully roasted and ground, should provide.

We do not use additives, preservatives, synthetic emulsifiers or artificial flavorings. Our wafers, are gluten free. And we definitely do not use ingredients found in some chocolates such as trans fats, corn syrup, glucose, milk substitutes, or vanillin.

Ingredients:Dark Chocolate 50-70% Cacao* with Single Origin - Criollo, Amazon Cocoa Mass*, (Includes Cocoa Powder & Cocoa Butter), Evaporated Cane Juice* (Sugar), Lecithin, Vanilla*, Coffee*. 
*Certified Organic by MOSA



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