Organic seasonings Greek Spice Mix - Traditional Athens

This is one rub you'll want to keep close at hand to rub in or sprinkle on any dish you want to add character too without adding any extra salt!

Hand blended in small batches for full flavor, taste and potency - this aromatic blend is sure to win your taste buds!

Add a great Greek cuisine flavor to any meal you want to cook. It can be used as a rub to marinate chicken in before baking or sprinkled lightly on fish dishes.

Add a pinch to extra virgin olive oil to create a simple and organic fondue! A real seasoning for all seasons!

  • An organic spice blend for turning soups, meats, grains and beans into southern delicacies
  • Certified Organic, Non GMO
  • Non-Irradiated 

How to use:

Add to pizza to enhance the garlic and tomato flavors or simply dust popcorn to give plain old salt and pepper a break. Pasta, salads, eggplant parmesan, practically all traditional Greek food can be enhanced with this flavorful substitution to salt.

*Certified Organic by MOSA


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