Golden Berries Covered with Dark Cacoa

$ 9.00 $ 10.99

Rich and delicious dark cacao coated on sweet and sour Golden Berries..a match made in heaven!

Two super foods combined to give you the best tasting treat....

Packed with rich, intense flavor, these vegan chocolate treats are made with love by artisans in the high Andes mountains and features the high quality Arriba Ecuadorean cocoa bean. A small bite of this chocolate gives you hints of sweet caramel, with the caress of rich cacao and ends with a nip of a sweet sour bite..

Made with delicious authentic Incan Golden Berries. Golden Berries a rich and popular super food of today, are native to Peru and are known to be a very sweet, rich and juicy berry. They are full of anti-oxidants and Vitamin A which helps improve your eyesight.

  • In addition to being delicious and good for you, you can also eat them simply as a snack or as an ingredient in cakes, pastries, ice cream and more!
  • Freeze them and add to your Slurpee for a cold refreshing summer treat that is healthy!

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