Coconut Nectar Syrup- an organic alternate sweetener

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Coconut nectar syrup from ChefsShelf - a healthy sweetener. Delicious warm coconut flavor and taste -rich dark healthy for you!

Tastier than agave, richer than maple syrup and better than sugar!

It has a very similar taste and texture to maple syrup. Its unrefined in every possible way and straight from mother nature!

Coconut nectar has a low glycemic index score of 35. This is a excellent score as low glycemic foods score from 0-55, medium GL is 56 – 69 and high is 70 – 100.

It also contains 74% sucrose, 10-12% glucose and 10-12% fructose. Many sweeteners contain high amounts of fructose which rather than being processed by your body’s cells, head straight for your liver and can raise blood triglyceride levels. Resulting in diabetes and weight gain - NOTso- when you use Chefs Shelf Coconut Nectar syrup!!

Coconut nectar syrup adds flavor and sensation to sweet dishes This amazing new sweetener is essentially the nectar of coconut blossoms which has gone through the process of controlled low heat evaporation until it reaches the desired viscosity and concentration.

What makes Coconut Nectar Syrup beneficial is the low glycemic index and the nutrient content. That's why this coconut syrup is a promising product for diabetes patient and those with obesity.

Besides its health benefits, coconut nectar syrup has a delicious unique caramel-like taste that can enhance the flavor of your food and drinks. You can even use it like other syrup as a topping for pancake, waffle or breads. You can also sweeten your coffee or tea. It can be used as substitute for refined white sugar in baked and pastry products or even in milkshakes! The possibilities are endless!