Coconut Flour

Coconut is the hot new item in the nutrition world, and we agree. Coconut is good for you and here is the best coconut powder and it is ready to use. Gluten free, low fat, high in minerals and is delicious. 

If you dont want to cook or bake with it, then this is just right for you.

Add to soups or make a somoothie. 2 tbsp / cup of water or juice- ramp up goodness!

How to use:

Gluten-free foodies, gourmet bakers, this is the coconut flour you have been looking for! A healthy alternative to bleached white flour eSutras Organics offers a delicious raw, Coconut Flour made from nothing more than the goodness of  the ground pulp of coconuts!

Dry coconut powder (flour) is an unsweetened powder that is produced by drying and powering coconut meat that has the oil pressed out of it. Therefore it is less fatty. It is not only a gluten free flour, it’s a grain free flour too. So for those who follow strict grain free diets, coconut flour opens up a world of delicious baked goods, it also does not trigger any allergic reactions wheat flour may cause within the body.

Use 1:1 with regular flour.

The flour is also "sweet" by itself because of the natural sugars in the coconut, meaning that you don’t have to sweeten it as much.

It’s also a high fiber, fairly high protein flour too. When you make these into muffins, breads, and cakes, they are quite filling (because of the fiber content). Although coconut flour does not contain the gluten protein, it still has significant protein content; it has more protein per serving than the other leading flours, such as white, rye or cornmeal. It's also has nearly double the amount of fiber found in wheat bran flour.

Easy Healthy Coconut Milk Shake:

In a high-powered, high-capacity blender, measure out 2 heaped tablespoons of coconut flour. Add 1 cup of water or juice (NOT citric). Then add any and all other ingredients you want, except for any frozen fruit. If you are opting for spinach and/or dates, this is the time to add it!

Start blender out at low speed and slowly increase to high, allowing all of the coconut to blend (and spinach, yes - be good ) to be liquefied. Once that happens, you should have a large amount of liquid yumminess that is Good for you!!

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Flour*.
*Certified Organic by MOSA



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