BuyWellness Company honors, respects, and guards the privacy of all customers and members. Under no circumstances will your information be rented, sold, or given to any outside company unless doing so is necessary to aide the customer, at his or her own consent. Such instances would include releasing a customer's email address to a manufacturer for a warranty claim or technical support, after all other options have been explored. Your personal information will in no way be released for advertising.

How BuyWellness ™ Protects Your Privacy from Unauthorized Third Parties: Your information is protected by industry-leading 256-bit SSL encryption, and will only be viewed by authorized BuyWellness Company personnel. 

In addition, BuyWellness ™ does NOT store your payment information on it's web server or company computers! While re-entering your credit card information may be inconvenient for repeat customers, this is the safest way to protect our valued customers and their financial information!

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