June 26, 2018

Are you Cramming for an Important Test or Preparing for a Morning Lecture? We Have an Essential Oil; Just Right For You!

Many of us live busy lives and multi-task daily functions on the regular. If you're preparing for a college exam or preparing to convey a lecture the very next morning...I bet you stimulate your mind. Many of us stimulate our minds in different ways; whether it be through coffee, other caffeinated drinks or a grand breakfast.

Commonly this is done through caffeine or other natural stimulants to keep us alert and motivated. Others are turning to essential oils for both health and wellness to sustain their daily functioning operative tasks.


What better way to stimulate the mind through nature's very own essential oils... 

There is a designated essential oil; just for that...Spanish Rosemary Essential Oil! Spanish Rosemary Essential Oil is a mental stimulant that helps boost focus and concentration. Its considered to be a nerve tonic known for its memory and mental awareness attributes. 



How to use Spanish Rosemary Essential Oil...

I personally place one drop of Spanish Rosemary Essential Oil into the palm of my hands. Then I rub my hands together thoroughly... so my skin begins to secrete the natural oil. After wards, I cusp my hands together and breathe in the natural aroma. During a hard work day, Spanish Rosemary Essential Oil alleviates my tension, anxiety and lethargy. It also enhances my mood and daily productivity.


What's my Favorite Thing About Spanish Rosemary Essential Oil?

My favorite thing about utilizing Spanish Rosemary Essential Oil; is it's natural way to stimulate and sharpen my mind. Sometimes other over the counter supplements have hidden ingredients, that may not be so suitable for our bodies and minds.

Here at Buy Wellness our mission is to provide essential products for healthy lifestyles. Please check out other Essential Oils on our website. See what's best for you!


- Roxy (Roxanne Serrano)

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