What is a Super Food or a healthy Nutrient Dense Food? October 18 2015

As recommended by Dr. George Mataljen, any food that provides support for at least 4 of the below - is considered a Healthy Natural Nutrient Dense Food. 

For muscles, hair, and skin 

For regularity

For energy production.

For vision

For blood sugar balance 

For nervous system support 

For iron metabolism

For fat metabolism 

For red blood cells 

For cardiovascular support 

For brain and nervous system.

For free radical protection

For bone health .

For antioxidant protection

For thyroid hormones

For oxygen transport .

For bone integrity

To reduce inflammation 

For pH balance 

For blood pressure 

For thyroidn.

For immunity

For cholesterol level


Here are some incredibly easy to use every day foods that will give you MORE THAN FOUR of the above to boost your health..