May 25, 2016


Ayurveda’s Secret Weapon to FIGHT - Obesity, inertia weakness and digestive problems.

Cayenne is a well-known digestive aid. It stimulates the digestive tract, increasing the flow of enzyme production and gastric juices. This aids the body’s ability to metabolize food (and toxins). Cayenne pepper is also helpful for relieving intestinal gas. It stimulates intestinal peristaltic motion, aiding in both assimilation and elimination.

Inertia levels will increase if the body does not allow a certain amount of energy to enter the cellular level.

Fight Obesity & Get Well Spices

Ginger rootis a warming remedy, ideal for boosting the circulation, lowering high blood pressure and keeping the blood thin in higher doses. ...  Long-hailed for its medicinal, therapeutic and culinary benefit, ginger is a true wonder spice with many therapeutic properties.With its ancient history and immense health benefits, has been hailed by many cultures as a spice of the heavens.

Ginger root is a medicinal herb used primarily for the treatment of dyspepsia (discomfort after eating), this aromatic, pungent and spicy, root adds a special flavor and zest to stir fries and many fruit and vegetable dishes.

However if you’re only using it in that occasional pumpkin pie, you may be missing out on all its health-promoting properties. Long used as a remedy for numerous ailments from colds to cancer, ginger has been the recent focus of research aimed at revealing its true therapeutic potential. Add a kick to your cooking and give your digestion a boost to your health by using ginger root regularly.

Turmeric purifies the blood and brings translucence to your energies. Turmeric not only works on the physiology, but also has a big impact on your energy system. It purifies the blood, body, and energy system. For external purification, just take a small pinch of turmeric, put it into a bucket of water and pour it over your body – you will see, the body will be vibrant and glowing.

Consumption of turmeric on an empty stomach is a very effective cleanser. This may not be effective after you get cancer, but otherwise, having a spoon of turmeric first thing in the morning acts as a great cleanser and may help take away the bad residues from cells in your body.

A  2010 study that suggested curcumin has anti cancer, anti viral, anti arthritic and anti inflammatory properties. The nutrient’s very strong anti inflammatory actions are seen as one of the primary drivers of these benefits. You could just add turmeric to your foods or make a personal blend of the 3 bold spices and be set.

Cayenne, ginger and turmeric as a combination dilate the cellular structure of the body in such a way that it allows energy to enter and fill up every crevice. Cayenne, ginger and turmeric are a physical support towards that.

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